FIBC / Bulk Bags

FIBC / Bulk Bags:

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) have been used for packaging purposes since the1940's. Generally earlier these were only used by rubber industry to carry carbon black in two-ton loads. FIBC or flexible intermediate bulk containers are also popular as "big bags", "bulk bags" and "bulk sacks". These bags are cost effective and acknowledged for their durability and capability to survive heavy weight .We offer high quality durable fabric for bulk bags, PP woven bags, PP bulk bags and FIBC bulk bags with a potential to hold heavy weight. Our range of bulk bags - PP woven bags, PP bulk bags and FIBC bulk bags have high tensile strength, low elongation, weather resistance and better durability as we make sure that they are manufactured as per the high industry standards. Our Bulk bags are prized possession of clients all across the globe due to its multipurpose use and varied sizes. Bulk bags are manufactured from high tenacity polypropylene tapes proven for its strength and UV protection. We offer fabric in varied range as per the customer’s specifications Bulk bags or bulk storage bags are used for collecting, carrying, transferring various types of material - fertilizers, chemical & minerals, cement, sand & gravels, salts, food grains, sugar.

Special features:
  • Endure Heavy Weight
  • Cost Effective
  • Provides UV protection
  • Provide weather resistance
  • Highly durable